Recycled Materials


We are the sustainable materials engineers. Explore our 100% recycled materials, each made from post-consumer waste and/or post-industrial waste, including our signature innovation, BLUEWAVE®. Our materials and design will empower your sustainable transformation.  


Let's Clean Up Our Oceans

Made from recycled thermoplastic, originating from marine plastics, ocean-bound plastics, and post-consumer plastics. It is fully recyclable.

Recycled Thermoplastics

Shatter The 'Glass' Ceiling!

Recycled Acrylic
Rigid, multi-purpose thermoplastics with transparent properties, which can easily be recycled to their original raw material, unlike many other plastics.

Recycled PC
The toughest of the three, recycled PC is easily molded and thermoformed and contains shatterproof properties.

Recycled ABS
With a combined body, recycled ABS maintains some level of flexibility when it has been formed into thin gauge sheets.


Recycled PE

Cost Is No Longer An Excuse

Polyethylene is a type of plastic resin as well as a form of polyester. We are converting post-consumer waste into a valuable resource. It is fully recyclable.


Infinite Recycling & Possibilities

From a sustainability standpoint, metal is the clear choice for designers seeking a durable, long-lasting and beautiful material. The myriad of benefits, including recuperation of the cost once the material reaches its aesthetic lifespan, make metal one of the greenest options available in the marketplace today.

The most recycled material in the world. The process involved in creating steel is arguably worth the energy it requires, because once produced, steel can be infinitely reused.

One of the world’s most efficient and sustainable materials, as recycling conserves 95% of the energy that would be needed to produce new aluminum.

100% recyclable with no difference in the integrity of the metal regardless of whether it is a raw material or a manufactured product.

Carbon Negative Composite

Everything We Need Is Around Us

For this material with its concrete look and feel, powdered and shredded steel, glass, and other minerals are added to smoothen its surface and change its color and appearance.

We Ensure Our Materials' Future

Design & Construction

We design to construct, so you do not need any glue or bolts. Instead, we develop other ways to connect our products, so they are easy to put together and take apart for minimal waste and re-use.

Material Passport

We can provide information about all our materials’ characteristics and how they are used in our products. This ensures their value of recovery, recycling, and reuse later down the line.

Packaging & Shipping

We know shipping is an essential part of running a business and the way packages are shipped has a major impact on the planet. This is an important aspect of our services.

Local Sourcing of Materials 

We work with leftover materials such as wasted wood, reclaimed materials, and old collection materials. 

Wonder What Our Materials Can Do? 


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