Organic Materials


We are the sustainable materials engineers. Our organic materials are sourced from a natural origin and manufactured responsibly, guaranteeing certified sustainability and minimal environmental impact. Explore our natural material engineering ready to empower your sustainable transformation.

FSC® Certified Wood

A Material Protecting our Forests.

Arch & Hook targets deforestation by exclusively using FSC® 100% certified wood, which is sustainably sourced and does not contribute to damaging forests and natural habitats. In responsibly managed forests you won’t find bare patches of land where trees used to grow.


Natural, With No Tree Costs. 

Cork is a 100% natural, organic material composed of the bark of the cork oak tree without ever harming the tree or being detrimental to its normal development. The cork tree has the capacity to soak up climate-warming carbon—nature truly knows best.



Harvest Sustainable Innovation.

Wheatboard is the next generation of MDF fiberboard, made of 100% high-quality natural wheat straw. Wheatboard is a truly formaldehyde-free product, produced using a process that involves being pressed in continuous heat and using a formaldehyde-free adhesive.

Ply Bamboo

Absorb The Negative Emissions.

Bamboo plywood is constructed by lining up several layers of bamboo so that each layer is parallel and/or perpendicular to one another, and then the layers are heat-pressed to form single sheets. The lifecycle of the plants does affect the hardness of the material, so we categorise them according to different grades so that we can manufacture the best product possible.

We Ensure The Future Of Our Materials

Design & Construction

We design to construct, so you do not need any glue or bolts. Instead, we develop other ways to connect our products, so they’re easy to put together and take apart for minimal waste and re-use.

Material Passport

We can provide information about all our materials’ characteristics and how they’re used in our products. This ensures their value of recovery, recycling and reuse later down the line.

Packaging & Shipping

We know shipping is an essential part of running a business and the way packages are shipped has a major impact on the planet. This is an important aspect of our services.

Local Sourcing Of Materials

We work with leftover materials such as wasted wood, reclaimed materials and old collection materials.


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