Empowering the Sole Use of Sustainable Materials.


At Arch & Hook, we are the sustainable materials engineers of the future, envisioning and bringing products to life through our engineered materials, creating a better tomorrow.

Together with our innovative ideas and processes, our materials enable us and our partners to create products that help our planet.

Arch & Hook’s mission is to eliminate the use of non-sustainable materials within Fashion and Retail. Full stop. 


Environmental Urgency

Challenges of Today

We are all standing at the forefront of an era of unprecedented awareness about our impact. We have not created a fair world. The fragile foundations of the lifestyle we constructed for our own benefit are now exposed. We can no longer ignore the impact of our overindulgent and destructive ways of living, the uncertainty of our near future, our finite and dwindling resources, nor our social and financial inequality.

From single-use plastic waste to deforestation to noxious pollution, our environmental impact on our planet will prove calamitous. Ancient biomes are being destroyed, the climate is rapidly warming, and our entire existence is under threat because of our unchecked global demands for virgin materials.

The time to act is now.

Together we will clean up what we, as humanity, have caused.

Together we will create a more balanced world.

We are on a Mission to Solve These Challenges.

Our world today is heading towards a climate and pollution disaster. It’s dominated by over-produced materials that have been discarded in exchange for seemingly low-priced virgin plastic, pumped into the world at an exponential rate with no thought for re-use or accountability. But all the raw components that companies and industries need already exist. And by utilising and supporting smart engineering solutions, it’s entirely unnecessary to create any new plastics ever again.

This is where Arch & Hook’s mission comes in: To eliminate the use of non-sustainable materials within fashion and retail. Full stop. 

Our Materials Power your Company’s Sustainable Transformation


Re-imagined materials


Organic materials

Our Global Sustainability Certifications


Dedicated to Advancing The Sustainable Development Goals.

Built on the principles of responsible industry practices, transparency, circularity and sustainability, Arch & Hook’s business model is dedicated to demanding responsible production and consumption for our partners and industries. Our sourcing and materials are dedicated to ensuring circularity, alongside (plastic) pollution clean–up and protecting life (SDG 12, SDG 14, SDG 15). Our promise, with the help of our solutions, research and innovation, is to empower even the most negatively impactful industries on the planet to act on these fundamental goals.

Sustainability is our purpose. What is yours?  


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