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From concept to delivery, Arch & Hook offers unmatched project support, coupled with comprehensive client care. We know that becoming a sustainable company requires transforming your entire operations and retail experience. With our help, you can transform your sustainability ambitions into a straightforward reality. 


Sustainability is not optional. Nor is it a slogan you can just attach to your brand for a day. We at Arch & Hook are leading the way in education and knowledge-sharing, transparency, and accountability across key environmental issues. We’re calling for actionability, and we’d like you to join us. Check out our initiatives to find out more about holistic, sustainable transformations within our industry.



We bring to life products that exclusively use sustainable materials and work with companies to create a better tomorrow. We are the sustainability engineers of the future. Our mission goes beyond fulfilling purchase orders. We can adapt every step of the process to your specific needs to make sure every single project is simple and straightforward from beginning to end. Together with you, our partners, we empower the fashion, retail, and hospitality sectors to clean up their acts and contribute to building a stronger, sustainable world. 



The raw components companies and industries need already exist. By using smart engineering solutions, the creation of new plastics is entirely unnecessary. And it is our innovative approach to design that enables us to take on any challenge and drive lasting, global change.

Innovation Services

Conceptual Design  

Using our unparalleled design expertise, we will match your product, brand, and operational needs with off-the-shelf solutions or custom design, ensuring both functionality and optimal user experience.


Our quality assurance and design expertise includes product sampling, printing, and prototyping—guaranteeing the best possible results at every stage. 

Research & Development  

Whether we are sourcing materials or developing our final product, we prioritize asking the right questions and building relationships based on trust, accountability, and transparency. Based on your needs and according to your brief, Arch & Hook will source the right materials and develop the best possible solutions. We prioritize your project brief, we source the right materials, and develop the best possible solutions. 

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With operations on four continents and a global client portfolio, Arch & Hook carries on our European and Dutch design and quality legacy. 



We are sustainability engineers and our designs are driven by materials and impact. Together with our innovative ideas and processes, our sustainable materials enable us and our customers to create products that help their business and operations, as well as our planet. Our goal is not only to create change in our industry but to ensure a more balanced future.

Our Expertise & Services

Client Solutions

We are proud to provide dedicated client attention. From brief to final delivery, we will be your partners throughout the whole process and will ensure your needs and requirements are met.

After Sales 

Our support and care for your company does not end as soon as your order is complete. As your partner, we promise quality delivery and execution of the project. Our long-term partnership will support you along your sustainability journey. 

Program & Order Management 

Our services come with large-scale, specialized program management expertise. No project is too big, too complex, or too far away when it comes to transforming your sustainability transformation. Our team is detail-oriented and friendly, and we take pride in the standards of care dedicated to our partners.  

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Supply Chain CSR & Environmental Impact

At Arch & Hook, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in our business relationships with our customers and our suppliers. Our partnerships are established and maintained on a foundation of honesty, fairness, and consistency in all our practices. All our supply chain partners adhere to the Arch & Hook Code of Conduct, which sets out our expectations for social compliance, auditing, and waste monitoring, alongside labor rights and regulations.

Ideas are meaningless without proper execution.




We see it as our duty and our mission to educate, unite and spark change. As the leading sustainable materials engineers, we are continuously looking for new, sustainable solutions. That is why we place a high priority on both research and development, working with organizations that also group together experts on sustainability and academia.



In 2020 Arch & Hook released a pioneering report on the environmental impact of plastic hangers. This was the first-ever academic research on the consequences of plastic hangers on the environment.

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We are working to hold fashion and retail accountable for its use of throwaway plastics, but we cannot do this without collaboration and partnership. We believe that we all need to unite under the same mission to create positive change—putting aside commercial rivalries and demanding more transparency across the industry. The time to act is now, and we must act together.


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