Elle Education and Arch & Hook


Arch & Hook joins Elle Education in a discussion on the impact of innovation and technology on sustainability


“Technology itself cannot resolve the issues around global sustainability action. Cross-sector collaboration and widespread adoption of these [sustainability] policies have to happen in coordination with technology” - Neda Eneva, Global Marketing Director at Arch & Hook.  


Speaking at Elle Education’s Seminar Series, with supported by The United Nations Office for Partnerships, our Global Marketing Director, Neda Eneva, joined industry leaders Andras Forgacs, co-founder and director of Modern Meadow; Andrew Olah, founding member of Transformers Foundation, and Marina Mattos, Principal – Supply Chain Systems & Engineering at Nordstrom.  

The seminar explored how each of the participants and their respective companies use technology and innovation to advance their sustainable missions. Each of the participants delved into the frameworks that drive their R&D programmes and analysed sustainability programmes and developments, sharing how they are taking on the challenges of today.   

The event, which took place virtually, was attended by 3500+ entrepreneurs, media, C-suite business representatives, and a variety of other fashion & lifestyle professionals, each with a desire to enrich their knowledge of sustainability.  

You can watch the recorded event here


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