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The re-invented hangers that contribute to cleaner oceans: BLUEWAVE® is a 100% recycled and fully recyclable solution, featuring full design customization and competitive pricing.

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Why Choose BLUEWAVE® Hangers?


BLUEWAVE® is a 100% sustainable hanger solution, made from recycled ocean-bound plastic, marine plastic, and recycled post-consumer plastic.

With BLUEWAVE®, Arch & Hook sets a new precedent for fashion and retail by sourcing all the thermoplastics it uses from four of the most polluted rivers in the world. These are among the world’s biggest, most polluted rivers, which together carry 90% of all plastic pollution into the ocean. 

Program Services 

With an extensive design portfolio and large-scale, in-house manufacturing capacity, our program offers high volume and global distribution. BLUEWAVE® minimizes your hangers’ carbon footprint with its lightweight alternative, while also solving any issues around longevity or ocean transport logistics. With our dedicated and personalized business consultancy, we promise we will develop the product that matches your needs. 


Our BLUEWAVE® hangers only use the highest quality of fully sustainable materials, ensuring more than just a long lifespan: they promise exquisite consumer experience and brand representation, no matter the price range. 

We are changing the way plastic hangers are manufactured by moving away from single-use low-grade plastic to long-lasting, high-grade recyclable thermoplastic hangers.

Design & Customisation 

BLUEWAVE® hangers are your personalized, long-term brand solution. Featuring expert design and numerous possibilities for customization, we will support you with the creation of a hanger that fits all your aesthetics and ergonomics. We offer flexible design, as well as off-the-shelf solutions depending on your needs and capacity. 



Circularity with Arch & Hook

At the end of their lifespan, BLUEWAVE® hangers can be collected and remade into hangers or other products.

Marine plastic waste collection and clean-up

Design innovation, prototyping, and crafted functionality

Modern global multi-platform manufacturing

High volume capacity, NOOS, and global logistics support

Ensured brand customer experience for your clients

Fully sustainable, durable solution meeting your sustainability goals

At the end of their lifespan, BLUEWAVE® hangers can be collected and remade into hangers or other products.

Marine plastic waste collection and clean-up

A Hanger That Contributes to Cleaner Oceans

BLUEWAVE® is a thermoplastic material, made from 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic, marine plastic, and recycled post-consumer plastic. 

BLUEWAVE® targets plastic pollution and CO2 emissions and can be used across sectors such as apparel, transportation, and design. By not using any virgin plastics and instead recycling post-consumer, ocean-bound plastics from four of the most polluted rivers in the world, we ensure circularity and drive sustainable change for our clients and their industries as a whole.
BLUEWAVE® can be used for multiple purposes, always providing a smart, long-lasting, and durable alternative to single-use plastics.

Why Work With Arch & Hook

BLUEWAVE® is the economical, long-lasting hanger innovation that demonstrates your company’s sustainable commitment.

Stop contributing to the world’s plastic pollution problem and make sure your hanger program prevents tonnes of waste from entering our oceans.

 We will support you with:

·   Dedicated and personalized client services with exclusive business consultancy

·   An unparalleled range of expertise across design, store branding, manufacturing, and sustainability

·   Unmatched full-cycle service and logistics support


Sustainability Is Our Purpose

We are committed to sustainability, and this stretches across every project we develop, source, and design. Building on our legacy as the world’s only fully sustainable hanger brand, we use certified sustainable recycled and recyclable materials at every step of the process, from design and manufacturing all the way through to logistics and packaging. 

We are sustainability engineers, and eliminating non-sustainable materials is at the core of what we do.

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